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Lifting weights not your thing? Come and try our range of brand-new cardio equipment for all types of exercise.
We've got rowers, bikes, steppers, cross trainers and treadmills so you can get a full body workout in no time at all. If you want to burn fat or get fit, then cardio exercise will get your body moving!


Floor workouts can be some of the most beneficial exercise and easy for you to implement into your busy life. We have a great range of gear like fitness balls, soft dumbbells, steps, ropes, bands, benches and rollers. You can tone your stomach, tighten those buns, trim unwanted fat and get in shape. You can work on just about every part of the body in the privacy of our large, comfortable floor area.


We’ve got a range of machines and free weights to get you toned and strong. Bench press, chest press, shoulder press, leg press. In fact, no matter what press you need, we've got the lot.
Our range of machine and free weights is huge. We have designed our machine and free weights section so that body workout areas are close by, making it easy for you to get in, get your workout done and most importantly, get the results you want!

Our Vision

Through more accessible exercise facilities and support, we inspire and encourage people to fulfill their fitness and health potential.

About Us

Born out of a passion for the Kojonup community and a drive for health and fitness, 105Fitness is determined to get you fit, strong, and healthy, so that you can be your best.

Located in the heart of Kojonup with ample private parking, you can strive to be that best with our clean, secure, hygienic and brand-new facilities!

Our Vision
About Us

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Address: 105 Albany Highway Kojonup  WA  6395

       Blue: 0429 423 976


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