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A lover of exercise and Kojonup, it was a no-brainer to try to start a gym in town. I haven’t ever been a massive gym junkie but was keen to create a space where people like me can try to keep fit and healthy.

I grew up in NZ, and loved the mountains and sport. Any chance for either, I was there. Every job I’ve had has been in agriculture, so the gym has been a great change and a big learning curve.

I’m a big believer in having strong communities, so ensure this business is a great community, but also that it contributes positively to the broader community.

In my spare time, I love embracing tough challenges. Whether it be climbing mountains, running ultra-marathons, or dating girls out of my league, I enjoy tackling difficult challenges.



Hi! I’m Felicity, a Personal Trainer at 105Fitness Gym and owner of Viva Fitness Personal Training. I’ve been running group fitness classes in Kojonup, Frankland and Tonebridge for 3.5 years, and joined the team at 105Fitness at the start of 2020.


Growing up in Boyup Brook, I was always involved in sports and loved the atmosphere and comradery of team sports. I’ve participated in field hockey, tennis, open ocean swimming events and triathlons. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Environmental Science and worked in Landcare for many years, but after having my first child, I decided to have a career change to personal training, with a focus on helping other women become stronger and healthier.

The why….

I absolutely love inspiring people to move in all different ways, to challenge what they think they can and can’t do, and help them achieve small and big goals over time!

I love the daily interactions with members- I know they’ll always finish the session in a better mood than when they started! I also love seeing the positive impacts of exercise over time, not just physical achievements but in their mental resilience and self-confidence when they discover what they’re capable of, and are able to complete previously unachievable feats.

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